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You need a Dedicated Server, but you dont have enough funds to startup one, CloudHost Managed VPS Gives you subtle the same power at a reduced cost, below are the different Managed VPS Plans Available

Features Basic Specialized Gung Ho
Disk space(SSD Accelerated) 100 Gb(RAID-10 Disk Space) 120 Gb (RAID-10 Disk Space) 150 Gb (RAID-10 Disk Space)
Monthly Bandwidth 4000 Gb 6000 Gb UNMETERED
Server OS CentOS Linux 6 x64 CentOS Linux 6 x64 CentOS Linux 6 x64
RAM 1536MB Guaranteed RAM 2048MB Guaranteed RAM 2536MB Guaranteed RAM
CPU Priority Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share
Shell access yes yes yes
24/7/365 Phone & Helpdesk Support yes yes yes
100% Node Uptime SLA yes yes yes
Cpanel& Web Host Manager yes(VPS Optimized) yes(VPS Optimized) yes(VPS Optimized) Unlimited Domain name Registrations yes yes yes
Free Domain name Registration yes yes yes
Free Migrations yes yes yes
Dedicated IP yes(2) yes(2) yes(2)
Naira Cost Plan Yearly Cost 156,000 Naira 199,000 Naira 120,000 Naira
Naira Cost Plan Yearly Cost 46,000 CFA 152,000 CFA 364,000 CFA
United States Cost Plan Yearly Cost 999 USD 1,280 USD 1,200 USD
Euro Cost Plan Yearly Cost 780 EUR 995 EUR 900 EUR
Pounds Cost Plan Yearly Cost 625 GBP 800 GBP 720 GBP
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Software & Security Basic Specialized Gung Ho
Server Hardening yes yes yes
Full OS and Control Panel Updates yes yes yes
CSF Firewall yes yes yes
Brute Force Protection yes yes yes
Mod_Security yes yes yes
Daily Security Audits yes yes yes
Hardened PHP yes yes yes
SMTP Hardening yes yes yes
Dictionary Attack Protection yes yes yes
Anti-Virus Protection yes yes yes
Sendmail Compatible yes yes yes
Forwarders yes yes yes
Autoresponders yes yes yes
PHP 5.x yes yes yes
FFMPEG and related tools yes yes yes
Perl 5 yes yes yes
Ruby on Rails yes yes yes
Python yes yes yes
GCC yes yes yes
MySQL yes yes yes
SSL yes yes yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) yes yes yes
CGI yes yes yes
Cron yes yes yes
Curl yes yes yes
Webalizer yes yes yes
Zend Optimizer yes yes yes
phpMyAdmin yes yes yes
Root cPanel Access yes yes yes
Overselling Enabled yes yes yes
Custom Branding yes yes yes
Unlimited Domains yes yes yes
And many more... yes yes yes
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Domain Name Registration is: 2000 Naira CostNaira/year , 6800 Naira CostCFA/year , 15 United States CostUSD/year , 10 Pounds CostGBP/year 12Euro Cost EUR/year

Features available on all our hosting plans


CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI


Email Accounts, Webmail, Spam Assassin, Forwarders, Auto Responders, Default Address, Mailing Lists, Account Level Filtering, User Level Filtering, Email Delivery Route, Import Addresses/Fowarders, Email Authentication, MX Entry.

File Management

Backups, Backup Wizard, File Manager, Legacy File Manager, Disk space Usage, FTP Accounts, FTP Session Control


Latest Visitors, Bandwidth, Webziller FTP, Raw access Logs, Analog Stats, Error Logs, Choose Log Program, Awstats


Password Protect Directories, IP Deny Manager, SSL/TSL Manager, HotLink Production, Leech Protect, GnuPG Keys.


subdomains, Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Redirects


MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, phpMyAdmin, Remote MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases, phpPgAdmin


CGI Center, Site Software, Perl Modules, PHP PEAR Packages, PHP configuration, RubyGems, Optimize Website


Apache Handlers, Image Manager, Index Manager, Error pages, Cron jobs, FrontPage Extensions, Network Tools, Virus Scanner, MIME Types.